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With more than 12 years of activity, Enderby keeps its start-up spirit in the development of its human resources. The role of the company is to give raw talents the means to develop and succeed, while letting them create and embody their own position and career development. Enderby focuses on pragmatism, voluntarism and results-oriented culture. Our strengths? Team cohesion, friendly attitude, relationship based on trust and the ability to reinvent itself, in order to better advise and accompany our fascinating clients.

To follow our fast growth (+ 35 % in 2017, + 36 % in 2018, + 33 % expected in 2019), we are looking for talents as well as strong characters to join our team composed of 20 staff members, to work in marketing, digital sector, communication, media relations & public affairs, content writing, graphic design, web design (experts or director). We favour the human aspect and authenticity over high-level academic backgrounds, to benefit the companies we support and the Enderby entrepreneurship adventure.









Team food

A squad of foodies titillating our taste buds with culinary workshops (crepes, ‘galettes des rois’, mixology…) and to represent the variety of regional ‘Enderbians’ delicacies by organising ‘Locals tastes’ lunches.

Team move

A team of action, with the objective of challenging the ‘Enderbians’ on a regular basis by organising outings and activities (bowling, laser game, treetop climbing, ping pong tournaments), by testing new sports and doing safety prevention.

Green team

Challenges to perform regularly, like using the stairs instead of the lift, but also good practices that contribute to minimise our carbon footprint like the ‘Clean mailbox’ operation or the Green Fridays.

Arty team

A culturally engaged team providing a monthly newsletter to share news, good deals, best or worst exhibitions, books, movies, series, etc. But also providing a free access Enderby-bliotheca as well as quarterly cultural outings.



Delphine JOUENNE,  Partner

Delphine Jouenne’s studies in classical literature and philosophy led her to explore the meaning and origin of words. After starting her career in audit and consulting agencies (EY, Arthur Andersen, PwC) and in corporate communication agencies, she co-founded Enderby in 2008. She supports companies and their leaders in their branding and communication strategies.

She is a devoted observer of our language and is a regular contributor to the media. Delphine Jouenne is the author of several books, including “Nouvelles stratégies medias des métiers du conseil” (Editéa Editions, 2007), “Un bien grand mot” (Enderby Éditions, 2019) and “Le mot d'après” (to be published in 2020).

Fields of expertise : corporate communication, media strategy, leaders support, editorial strategy & storytelling, crisis communication...


Cyril CHASSAING, Partner

Cyril Chassaing holds a master’s degree in Marketing & corporate communication from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas and from a business school. He began his career in marketing and communication in business law and strategy consulting agencies (Linklaters, Day One). Then, he worked in a corporate communication agency (Hopscotch Group). As a managing partner of Enderby which he co-founded in 2008, he advises companies and their executives in their communication and brand strategies.

Cyril Chassaing lectures every year at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas on BtoB communication, media strategies and public relations to the students of the Master’s degree in Marketing & Corporate Communication. He regularly publishes articles and interviews related to BtoB marketing and communication and auditing as well as corporate finance, but also consulting and corporate law in the economic, financial and legal medias.

Fields of expertise : marketing & communication strategy, corporate communication, media strategy, structuring missions.


Geoffroy LAHON-GRIMAUD, Marketing and Digital Director

Geoffroy Lahon-Grimaud is Enderby marketing consulting director. He works on strategic and operational marketing, visual communication and project management. He was business marketing manager for almost 6 years at CrossKnowledge, a leader on the market of digital training. He has also worked in the public sector within the CDEFI, a department of the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

Fields of expertise : strategic marketing, digital marketing…


Amélie CHABROL, Editorial Director

Amélie Chabrol, École Normale Supérieure alumnus and graduate from the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris (Master’s degree of Public Affairs), spent most of her career as a journalist for France 24, France 5, the Groupe M6, RMC, etc. before joining the communication department of Gemmyo and Vraiment, a news magazine. Since 2018, she has been director of the Brand Content department at Enderby. She advises companies, executives and consultants in their storytelling strategies.

Fields of expertise : bylines, podcasts, blogs, magazine, speeches, media training…


Damien PIGANIOL, Communication Director

Graduated  with a Master’s degree in International Economics from the University of Paris Dauphine, Damien Piganiol has more than 6 years of experience in the implementation and monitoring of the tools which are essential for the visibility of the companies, their executives and boards: press relations, public relations, community management, etc.

Fields of expertise : legal and tax, finance, insurance, energy, consulting, audit, social economy

Claire GUERMOND, Directrice conseil

Claire Guermond holds a Master’s degree from EM LYON Business School (2012) and a bachelor of Laws (2008). Claire began her career in communications and marketing at Mazars, where she participated in the international development of the brand, in the Paris and then New York offices. In 2014, she joined Steele & Holt, an independent agency, where she managed numerous corporate communications and PR missions, with a strong financial dimension. She collaborated with clients in the fields of private equity, asset management, private banking, fintechs, insurance, art market and real estate. She has also been involved in crisis communications to protect companies or investors’ reputatio

Fields of expertise  : Communication corporate et financière, stratégie de visibilité presse et influence, protection de réputation et gestion de crise.



Cécile JACQUET, Communication Director

Graduated from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (2011) and with a Master's degree in International Politics from Trinity College Dublin (2012), Cécile Jacquet began her career at « Le Cercle des économistes » where she participated in the organization of numerous editions of the Rencontres Economiques d'Aix-en-Provence. In 2014, she joined Infopro Digital as Communication, Marketing and Content Manager for the group's trade shows in the Finance sector. Since 2018, she advises companies, managers and consultants in their influence strategy.

Fields of expertise : Brand Communication & Influence, organization of high value-added events, sensitive and crisis communication, think tanks.


Marie Grillet

Marie GRILLET, Health & Social Communication Manager

Marie Grillet holds a Master’s degree in communication management from CELSA – University of Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV). She began her career in 2012 at Weber Shandwick as a junior PR consultant. In 2013, she joined the Elektron Press Relations agency, as a PR as well. She joined Enderby in 2016, became a senior consultant in 2019 and in 2020, she was promoted to Health & Social Communication Manager of a new Health & Social pole created to better respond to the communication challenges of a primordial and rapidly changing ecosystem.

Fields of expertise : media visibility strategy with health stakeholders, insurance, social & solidarity economy, social law, management and HR consultancy as well as NGOs and corporate foundations.